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So Good Magazine

So Good... Pastry Magazine #22

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We like pâtisserie So good.. 22, the trailer from grupo vilbo on Vimeo.

We are no longer stocking edition 22 of So Good Magazine. If you would like to order a copy please contact us on Messenger.

So Good.. is the magazine of Haute Pâtissere, a pastry magazine published biannually in English. It is aimed at professionals of sweet and savory pastry, the chocolate and ice cream industry, as well as the world of dessert in general.These magazines are published by Grupo Vilbo publishers in Spain. 

They feature articles, photos and recipes from the worlds leading chefs pastry chefs at the cutting edge of their profession - often these magazines contain as many recipes as a normal cookbook and so are a valuable resource for pastry professionals. 

Edition #22 contains the following - 

Issue number 22 of So Good provokes a carousel of emotions that range from fascination and surprise of its most creative proposals (Lauren V. Haas on the cover, Jordan Kahn, Maurits van der Vooren and Bart de Gans, Saray Ruiz or Julien Álvarez, among others) to the confidence and pride that this patiently cultivated product awakens (Pierre Hemé, Niklesh Sharma, Philippe Givre). A parade that oscillates between seriousness and the pure pleasure of learning thanks to the sum of talents that come together, among which is Joris Vanhee and his chocolate glazes, Ramon Morató and the new generation of ganaches, the latest designs by Nicolas Boussin, the reinvention of Antonio Bachour, the geometric pastries of Guillaume Shoppohoven, the Japanese school of Hideki Kawamura, and a lot more content.

Pierre Hermé, The pastry that is served
Lauren V. Haas, The pastry of dreams
Philippe Givre, The well thought out pastry
Yann Menguy, We make an identity pastry, creativity is the slogan
Marta Martín, Air collection
Pieter de Volder, Simple on the outside, powerful on the inside
Guillaume Schoppohoven, Geometric viennoiserie
Bart de Gans & Maurits van der Vooren, Collision
Nicolas Houchet, The gesture that makes the difference
Luis Amado, That detail that changes everything
Melissa Walnock, Find a way to make it happen
Javier Guillén, Experiential
Saray Ruiz, Interior life
Graham Mairs, Water, fire, earth, ether
Roberto Cortez, A unique piece
Hideki Kawamura, Sense changes and sensibility evolves
Antonio Bachour, A different repertoire
Nicolas Boussin, Commitment
Jordan Kahn, Building Block
Musketeer spirit, Jerome de Oliveira, Julien Alvarez, Quentin Bailly and Etienne Leroy at Fully Baked Story
Niklesh Sharma, Leading the new patisserie in Asia
Ramon Morató, A new approach to ganache II
Joris Vanhee, Chocolate glazes in depth. Understanding mistakes to shine.
Blanca del Noval, The value of kernels and stale bread

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ISSN: ISSN 2013-2034

Year: 2019