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Bistronomy - French Cooking


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Katrina Meynink 

The new wave of cuisine represented by the bistronomy movement is led by young chefs who create phenomenally clever food without the pomp and circumstance of high-end restaurants. This is haute cuisine for the people -- served in convivial surrounds, where food and community, rather than the thread count of the tablecloth, are what matters. Through recipes and accompanying narrative, this energy-filled book catures the vital elements of bistronomy: the democratic spirit of generous, affordable hospitality, together with the imaginative reworking of classic fare built on quality ingredients and technique. Bistronomy is premised on sharing, and author Katrina Meynink embraces that concept by offering more than 100 recipes generously contributed by thirty Australian and international chefs.

Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN


ISBN: 9781743361009

Published: Jan 2014

Pages: 256