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Bitter - A cookbook  of bitter recipes

Bitter: A Taste of the World's Most Dangerous Flavour

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Jennifer McLagan

The history and science of the world's most dangerous flavour, with recipes.

Jennifer McLagan returns with her new book on one of our least understood flavours. Sparked from memories of eating white grapefruit as a child, this guide has developed into an intricate exploration into the bitter taste experience. The world of the unused and under-loved ingredient is Jennifer's speciality, and with Bitter she opens up her readers' imaginations to the most misunderstood of foods. Her book will not only help you to discover the delights of the radicchio or the dandelion, but show how you can use them to enhance the much sweeter palate we've come to depend upon. Bitter takes you on a journey through the broad range of the bitter scale, from the subtle to the very bitter as well as a few ingredients that will surprise you. Accompanied with various tibits on the history and science behind these flavours, Jennifer's book brings you an astounding array of beautiful recipes that will entice even the most sweet-toothed to give them a try.

ISBN: 9781909342897
Publisher: Quarto UK

Published: April 2015
Pages: 263