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Bourke Street Bakery: All Things Sweet

Bourke Street Bakery: All Things Sweet

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Authors - Paul Allam and David McGuinness

The must-have sweet baking companion to the blockbuster Bourke Street Bakery.

From the easiest of foolproof cakes, to the crumbliest of pastries and pies, and the most buttery, flaky croissants and danishes - All Things Sweet represents years of testing, adapting and refining secret recipes. A companion to the definitive and international bestselling bread bible, Bourke Street Bakery, here at last is the comprehensive guide to baking cakes, sweet pastries, tarts and more, with the Bourke Street twist. There's a reason this tiny iconic store in a corner of Sydney is now opening kitchens internationally - and that reason is irresistibly delicious baking.
ISBN: 9781743369319
Publisher: Murdoch Books

Published: October 2017
Pages: 312