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Author - Hendrik Dierendonck

Chef Hendrik Dierendonck provides the best recipes from his Michelin-starred restaurant Carcasse. Craftsmanship, passion, terroir and 'nose-to-tail' are the code words in this book. This is the ideal book for all meat and barbecue lovers.

The restaurant Carcasse is a meat-lover's mecca and owner Hendrik Dierendonck is a meat connoisseur. His farm-to-table knowledge is behind Carcasse's first Michelen star, which was awarded for Dierendonck's tender, flavourful main courses and imaginative, often surprising, side dishes. This book tells the story of where great quality meats come from, and includes the best recipes from Carcasse, each infused with Dierendonck's passion for quality and perfection. With its nose-to-tail approach to cooking, Carcasse is ideal for those for whom meat is a must.

Hendrik Dierendonck is a well-known Belgian butcher. In 2001 he took over his father's butcher shop in St Idesbald on the Belgian coast. With his choice for local meat (eg. West-Flemish red ox) and his use of a 'nose-to-tail' practice (he uses all parts of the animal for consumption) Dierendonck has become the most famous butcher in Belgium. Many Michelin-starred restaurants choose to work exclusively with meat from Dierendonck. In 2011 Hendrik Dierendonck opened a second butcher shop at Nieuwpoort and was awarded the Belgian prize for best craftsman. In 2015 he opened his restaurant, Carcasse, at St Idesbald, together with chef Michael Yates. In 2017 Carcasse received its first Michelin star. 

ISBN:  9789492677341

Publisher: Hannibal Publishing

Published: July 2018

Pages: 192