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Culinaria France Cookbook

Culinaria France

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Author - Andre Domine.

France has long been and remains the stronghold of culinary culture. No other country in the world can boast such an immense richness of specialties or comes even close to offering such an extraordinary wealth of noble restaurants, in which thousands of chefs nurture the tradition of grand cuisine and with notable creativity continue to produce new culinary delights. This gastronomic tour demonstrates how landscape, climate and culture impact France's cuisine. 
Master chefs from all corners of the country have contributed to a new, up-to-date portrait of this nation of gourmands, which includes something for everyone, whether you prefer to enjoy the tastes of France in person or in your own kitchen, or let yourself be enchanted in an entirely new way by the selection of fabulous photographs, enticing recipes, and knowledgeable texts about French cuisine.
Completely revised and updated edition 
New, modern layout 
The culinary heartland of France in all its fascinating facets 
Authentic and inspiring recipes 
Beautiful photographs of dishes, products, the country and its people 

ISBN: 9783848002191

Publisher: H F Ullmann Editors

Published: October 2014

Pages: 468