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Dalmatia: Recipes from Croatia's Mediterranean Coast

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Author - Ino Kuvacic

At its heart, Dalmatian cuisine is frugal, honest and rustic, with distinctive flavours, including silver beet, varenik (grape molasses) and prošek (Dalmatian fortified wine) that give it an identity all of its own. Similar to Greek and Italian food, fish, seafood, tomatoes and olives reign and the foundation of most dishes is good quality produce grown in pure, clean earth and treated simply. Some dishes include the famous Dubrovnick crème caramel, Rožata, Brujet (Dalmatian fish stew) and pašticada, a slow-cooked beef cheek with prunes, apples and potato dumplings.
In his first book, Dalmatia, Ino Kuvacic brings us over 100 authentic Croatian dishes.
With chapters covering vegetables and salads, meat dishes, fish and seafood and sweets, the book reveals authentic recipes and cherished food traditions of this little-known part of Europe – the spectacular Dalmatian coast. It is a region defined by the sea, and its cuisine has evolved from the a long and complex history that has brought many foreign influences both to its shores and its food.
Accompanied by stunning local photography of both this beautiful region and the culinary experiences and traditions it offers, Dalmatia will transport you to the sparkling coastline of Croatia from your own kitchen.

Ino Kuvacic is a Melbourne-based, Croatian born restaurateur with a long-time desire to share – and celebrate – the food of his coastal homeland on the Dalmatian coast. His Port Melbourne restaurant Dalmatino is an enduring part of the city's restaurant scene. And Dalmatia is very much an extension of that success, spreading the word about a cuisine that he believes matches that the country's more acclaimed Mediterranean neighbours.

ISBN: 9781743792551

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

Published: May 2017

Pages: 224