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Fruity Pastry

Fruity Pastry

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Author - Kris Goegebeur

The most delicious recipes with fruit written by the renowned food specialist Kris Goegebeur.

An apple is an apple... Or is it? Kris Goegebeur shows that there is more to fruit than one would think. Whoever believes that there are only sweet apples, sour apples and apples to make apple sauce with, will be proven terribly wrong. And not only when it comes to apples; Pears, cherries, walnuts, plums and many more kinds of fruit are presented in their most versatile and seductive ways. All of them are ready to be picked and turned into a wonderful pastry. But Fruity Pastry does more than provide recipes and (background) information about fruit. Food pairing specialist Bernard Lahousse approaches fruit in a scientific way and gives a thorough analysis of every extract and essence possible. This combination of expertise and science is what makes this book more than any other cookery book. It enters the unknown depths of fruit and opens a world of tastes and possibilities that will make your mouth water.

In 1994, Kris Goegebeur opened his culinary catering business Huize Goegebeur. In 2007 he created his own milk chocolate flavour and in 2008 he was voted one of the ten best pastry chefs in Belgium. 

ISBN:  9789401402361

Publisher: Lannoo

Published: April 2013

Pages: 224