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Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs
Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs - Volume 4
Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs - Volume 4
Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs - Volume 4

Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs - Volume 4

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Author - Martin Klein

Restaurant Ikarus is a 2 Star restaurant located at Hangar-7 in Salzburg. Each month they host guest chefs from countries all over the globe and at the end of each year the menus and recipes are published in this incredible series of books. They contain the chef’s personal commentaries, Martin Klein’s experiences with the guest chefs and many recipes of the chef’s menus especially arranged for Restaurant Ikarus.

This is international haute cuisine at its finest!

Volume 4 - 2017

Each month, the best chefs in the world take it in turns to conjure up a new menu for the guests visiting Restaurant Ikarus at Salzburg airport. This year, the guest chefs came from all corners of the world. The German three-star chefs, Christian Bau and Thomas Bühner, both had the same mentor, and yet the difference between their work could not be greater. Christophe Muller, Paul Bocuse’s ambassador, presents French haute cuisine in its purest form, and Daniel Boulud is showcasing its cosmopolitan version in New York. In Copenhagen, Søren Selin is considered to be a French-inspired chef, while his colleague, Nicolai Nørregaard, only prepares ingredients that grow on his native island of Bornholm. In addition, we hosted superstars from Mexico City, London, Lisbon and New Delhi in the Ikarus kitchen.

It is here that Executive Chef Martin Klein works with his well-trained team to cook the guest chefs’ menus to perfection using only the finest of ingredients. He shares his experience visiting the chefs’ home countries and workplaces, and explains how the extraordinary dishes are prepared, step by step, for professionals and dedicated amateurs.

The Chefs featured in the volume are -

Christian Bau, Thomas Bühner, Christophe Muller, Daniel Boulud, Søren Selin, Nicolai Nørregaard, Manish Mehrotra, Best Of Vienna (Silvio Nickol, Paul Ivic, Markus Mraz, Heinz Reitbauer), Jose Avillez, Isaac McHale & Jorge Vallejo.

ISBN: 9783710500244

Publisher: Pantauro

Published: 2017

Pages: 328