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My Recipes from Croatia - Kolaci

My Recipes from Croatia 1991-1995 'Kolaci'

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Author - Marica Love

My Recipes from Croatia 1991 - 1995 'Kolaci' - In this book Marica Love shares her recipes for delicious Croatian cakes and sweets that will satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Marica's passion for cooking began when she lived in Croatia during the war in the early 90's. The recipes have been handed down through family and friends over the years. Croatian and Bosnian households believe in keeping their homes well stocked with cakes and food, like it's a party every day. Enjoy this delectable collection which will have your mouth watering.

The contents contain recipes for - 

Wafers, Cookies, Crepes, The Sponge, Vanilla Slice and Madarica. You'll also find recipes for such things as Manc Melo, Fritule, Walnut Strudel and more.

This is a small self published paperback book. It contains Croatian home cooking recipes with a small number of photos.

ISBN: 9780994219428

Publisher: My Identifiers Australia 

Published: July 2017

Pages: 116