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Nordic Bakery Cookbook

Nordic Bakery Cookbook

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Author -  Miisa Mink

Revel in the delights of Nordic baking with this treasure trove of Norway’s tastiest and most traditional recipes!

The Scandinavian countries are not often known for their baking – not like the French are known for their patisserie, or the Greeks for their syrupy delights – but with their modestly decorated cakes, buns and biscuits, Scandinavian recipes are some of the best, and are always bursting with flavour! The Nordic Bakery is a small chain of highly successful little cafés that are dotted around London, all of which reflect the wholesome but comforting style of baking in Scandinavia. The emphasis is on fresh, seasonal produce and healthier baking ingredients, such as rye flour, oats and barley, and the rustic but modern menu includes open rye-bread sandwiches, cakes and cinnamon buns. The Nordic Bakery Cookbook allows you to bake your own bread, such as the popular rye bread, savoury pastries, cakes, sweet buns, desserts and biscuits in your own home.

Some of the recipes featured in this book include - 

Rye Bread, Rye Baguettes, Archipelago Bread, Carrot & Oat Rolls, Potato Rye Bread, Crispbreads, Flatbreads, Christmas Bread, Savoury Pastries, Savoury Tarts, Cakes, Sweet Pastries & Buns, Cookies & Sweet Tarts.

ISBN: 9781788790444

Publisher: Ryland Peters and Small

Published: Dec 2018

Pages: 160