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Cheese Making

Home made cheeses

When Chef Zonai moved to Port Douglas many years ago he found the amazing local organic milk inspiring. It brought back memories of the rich, creamy cheeses he had learnt to make when he was studying cheese-making in Bavaria as part of his Masters Degree. He felt this milk would be perfect for his own cheese making, so he dusted off his cheese-making books, got some cultures and started experimenting in the restaurant!

After some months (and after some trial and error) Chef Zonai finally had a successful batch of cheese and was able to start offering ‘House made cheeses”. They are still on the menu years later and the restaurant always has batches of cheese in the aging process. Making cheese requires some patience and commitment, a temperature controlled room (or fridge), good quality milk and cultures particular to the type of cheese you are making.  A good cheese-making book will guide you through the equipment and materials you need for a basic set-up and the rewards are delicious.  We will soon have some cheese-making books arriving so keep an eye on our Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter to be keep informed!

Home made cheese