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Testing a Chocolate Fudge Recipe

We recently added the book “Atelier: Confectionery” to our store and whenever we receive a new title Chef likes to look through it and occasionally try out the recipes.

Because it was so close to Christmas I was on the hunt for Chocolate Fudge (which is very hard to find in the stores at the moment) so Chef decided to try out the fudge recipe in Atelier: Confectionary. Of course I can’t publish the exact recipe from the book as it’s covered by copyright, except to say that Chef was very pleased with how it turned out and that this book has some very nice confectionery recipes in it. Everything from marshmallows & marzipan to chocolate,  jellies and licorice are in this book with easy to follow steps.

Chef followed the recipe for the dark chocolate fudge, but he modified it slightly by leaving out the candied oranges & adding Macadamia nuts to turn it into a Chocolate Macadamia Fudge - wow, it was sensational! The fudge it created was firm, slightly crumbly and not overly creamy….I could pick it up without it melting into a sticky mess.

Chef started with chocolate, condensed milk, golden syrup, cream, butter and sugar, combining them & bringing them to the boil. Once they had been simmering at the desired temperature the mixture was cooled and beaten until smooth and creamy. Macadamia nuts were then folded into the mixture.

The mixture was then poured into a lined pan and put in the fridge to set. Once set it was simply cut into bite sized squares and there is your chocolate macadamia fudge!

The wonderful thing about these recipes is that they are easily modified to your own personal tastes. You don’t need to be a chef to make a great fudge, you just need some sugar and inspiration!

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