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Bake Like A French Pastry Chef

Bake Like a French Pastry Chef

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Delectable Cakes, Perfect Tarts, Flaky Croissants, and More

Authors - Michel de Rovira & Augustin Paluel-Marmont

Master the art of French baking with 70 accessible step-by-step recipes.

Bake Like a French Pastry Chef addresses the secrets of French pastry including how croissants get their flaky layers, the difference between pastry cream and Bavarian cream, what a Genoise cake is and whether mille-feuilles can be made at home.

Created by the Parisian masters Michel et Augustin, this comprehensive guide starts from the batters, doughs and creams that form the building blocks of French pastry and includes complete recipes from brioche to mousse-filled cakes. Step-by-step instructions and tips give readers the confidence to achieve pastry perfection. For Francophiles and pastry lovers, this charming manual covers the techniques taught in pastry schools worldwide.

ISBN: 9781682681947

Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

Published: Aug 2018

Pages: 224