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Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 1

Cake Design Recipe: Congmom's Cake Diary 1

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Author - Jung Ha-yeon

Congmom's Cake Diary gives us lessons on fresh cream cake decoration.

From icing techniques for different shapes of cakes to decorations using various piping tips, all the process and know-how of whipped cream cake design just as the renowned class itself. This book contains detailed contents and explanations as if watching a video.

★ Congmom’s Cake Diary: Cake Design Recipe contains all the skills and know-how of the whipped cream cake design process, from home bakers who want to achieve high-quality icing to those in the industry who envision sophisticated and sensational cake designs. ★ This book will guide you through how to make whipped cream to its proper density to use, how to cut the sponge cakes and sand the cream, icing techniques for each shape of the cakes, how to repair and finish icing, and how to decorate with various piping tips and tools. Congmom explains with thoughtful details as if you are watching a video. ★ The most popular 33 cake designs are also included, along with design tips and pictures of each process in detail. By combining the techniques introduced in earlier chapters and various decorations, you can master the overall skills and apply them in your own way. It also includes four other applied designs and delicious genoise and chiffon recipes.

Jung Ha-yeon is a South Korean pastry chef who runs the fresh cream cake design studio, Congmom Cake - Instagram @Congmom_cake

ISBN: 9791186886816

Publisher: The Table

Published: 2020

Pages: 328

Congmom's Cake Diary 1