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Cornersmith: Recipes from the Cafe & Picklery Cookbook

Cornersmith: Recipes From The Café and Picklery

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Alex Elliot-Howery & James Grant

'We're city folk through and through, running a business and raising a family, but that doesn't mean we don't have time to consider the source of our food and the impact its consumption has.'..In 2012, Alex Elliott-Howery and James Grant opened the doors to Cornersmith, their neighbourhood cafe on a narrow street corner in Sydney's inner west. They wanted the food to represent the ethos they held to when cooking at home . making everything from scratch using local, in-season produce; pickling and preserving foods to avoid waste; eating meat sparingly; and avoiding processed foods from the supermarket (and the packaging landfill that goes with it). But most importantly, they wanted to serve great-tasting food, bursting with vibrancy and colour...From day one the locals flocked, and the business has since grown to incorporate a picklery, cooking school and a produce-trading system where customers can swap home-grown produce for a coffee or a jar of pickles...This book brings together favourite recipes from the award-winning caf., covering everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, and also prized chutney, relish and jam recipes from the picklery. Each recipe reflects Alex and James' view that food is the heart of any community...


ISBN: 9781743362969

Published: October 2015

Pages: 272