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Culina Mundi Cookbook

Culina Mundi

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What are the ingredients of an authentic Andalusian gazpacho? How do Koreans prepare fish? What do Cubans eat for dessert? How do you make a great sashimi? And what is the secret of Aztec soup?

This amazing book will answer all these questions and many more, taking you on a world tour of culinary delights. Sixty great chefs from forty countries will help you discover an extensive culinary universe inside your own kitchen.
More than 5000 recipes offered by a team of famous chefs
More than 4,000 colour photographs
Information on the dishes and their ingredients
Detailed step-by-step instructions
All recipes suitable for amateur cooks
3000 illustrations

ISBN: 9783833161193

Publisher: Ullmann Editors

Published: December 2011

Pages: 768