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Cult Sando

Cult Sando

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Classic and modern recipes for the popular Japanese sandwich

Author - Jimmy Callaway

The expert guide to sandwich perfection.
In Japan, you'll find sando everywhere: on convenience store shelves, Shinkansen menus and even vending machines.
Like hambagu, kareraisu and korokke, they are part of the culinary food group known as yoshoku (Western food), but their recent cult status has made them a popular snack enjoyed all over the world.
Chef Jimmy Callaway's passion for sando perfection has assembled the ultimate collection of simple and oishii (delicious) recipes for you to make at home. With stunning photography and a kawaii konbini-themed graphic layout, the recipes are divided into classic, vegetable, seafood, meat and sweet ingredients.
From Japanese favourites such as egg salad and pork katsu, to more contemporary fillings like mortadella, tofu or ice cream, you're bound to stumble upon your next cult sando within the pages of this book.


'I've spent many a late night observing Jimmy pursue his craft; Cult Sando will inspire you to take your sando game to the next level' Lennox Hastie.
'Jimmy's passion and energy is infectious. And, just like him, this book is full of joy' Elizabeth Hewson, author of Saturday Night Pasta and food columnist, The Weekend Australian.
'If the nearest Japanese konbini is too far to step into, then this neat little book might transport you there in an instant. Cult Sando covers the classic Japanese sandwiches, but it also features inspired remixes that go beyond traditional sando territory' Lee Tran Lam, freelance writer and podcaster.
'I trust very few people to stack me a proper sando. Jimmy is on speed dial #1' Lucy Tweed, food stylist and author of Every Night of the Week.
'Delicious ideas like chicken-skin mayo to go with tempura corn, or sweet matcha cream to pair with honeydew melon ... so many things I want to try in here!' Emiko Davies, food writer and bestselling author.
'Jimmy brings his style, flair and personality to every recipe in this book' Colin Fassnidge, award-winning chef and host of Kitchen Nightmares.
'If you love food then this is an absolute staple for the pantry. A modernist take on my fave 'go-to' Japanese snack with some classics as well - a gift that keeps on giving!' Dominic Smith, Gourmet Traveller magazine.

ISBN: 9781460762554

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Published: March 2023

Pages: 112