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Eat Like a Luchador

Eat Like a Luchador

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The Official Cookbook

Author - Legends of Lucha Libre and Monica Ochoa

From the ring to the kitchen, celebrate lucha libre with popular Mexican dishes with a twist in this one-of-a-kind cookbook for lucha libre fans and aspiring chefs. Lucha libre - or, professional Mexican wrestling - is the most popular sport in Mexico after soccer and has become an international pop culture phenomenon all over the world, reaching more than 650M homes worldwide. This first-of-its-kind cookbook - by Monica "Centellita" Ochoa and with the licensing support of the Legends of Lucha Libre - includes a brief introduction on the culture of lucha libre, favorite Mexican dishes from lucha's most celebrated luchadores/luchadoras from around the globe (Solar, Super Astro, Penta Zero M, Lady Maravilla), fun stories and facts on championship details, family legacies, and those symbolic masks, and 100+ full-color photos and illustrations of food and family. This must-have collection of recipes from iconic lucha libre legends will delight, inform, and entertain.

Legends of Lucha Libre represents the icons, legends, and superstars of the sport. A division of Masked Republic, the US-based company is dedicated to expanding lucha libre beyond the borders of Mexico. Monica "Centellita" Ochoa is Mexico's leading female lucha libre journalist. Her work interviewing the industry's biggest stars and champions is featured weekly on, the world's foremost bilingual site covering Mexican wrestling.

ISBN: 9780762497386

Publisher: Perseus

Published: Oct 2021

Pages: 224