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Essential Tools, Tips & Techniques for the Home Cook

Essential Tools, Tips & Techniques for the Home Cook

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A Professional Chef Reveals the Secrets to Better Cooking

In Essential Tools, Tips and Tricks for the Home Cook, technique and mastery of one’s tools are brought to life. By understanding the fundamental mechanics of how certain tools impact the way food is cooked, home chefs will make better food, have more fun doing it and eat up the detailed nature of the subject that fascinates them. In each chapter, Chef Michelle Doll provides information, recommendations and exceptional recipes. Interspersed throughout the book are helpful diagrams including: What happens to pie dough when it bakes. What makes a croissant flakey. The best way to store proteins in your refrigerator. Ultimately readers will learn the best utensils and the best way to use them to make more exceptional food—and the food geek inside passionate cooks will be jumping for joy. Featuring reviews of the best skillets, dutch ovens, cookie sheets, mixers, rolling pins and more, Michelle shines new light on familiar tools. For example, learn how to properly grease and use a common dark-coloured sheet pan for baked dishes like Salmon with White Wine Tarragon Sauce, and why a lighter coloured sheet is better for cookies such as Buerre Noissette Chocolate Chip Cookies. With the perfect blend of fresh kitchen science and delicious recipes, culinary geeks and everyday home cooks alike won’t want to miss this book! This softcover book has 65 recipes and 65 photos.

ISBN:  9781624145506

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

Published: Sept 2018

Pages: 208