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This book has text in both English and Spanish or French and is aimed at professional chefs

Author - Ramon Morató

Files by Ramon Morató
Studies, techniques and applications through 15 projects
Almost a hundred creations

The Spanish chef compiles 15 innovative projects in which he analyzes current patisserie and chocolaterie through the prism of science, anthropology, nutrition, sociology, design and craftsmanship.

A couple of years ago, Ramon Morató and Enric Rovira shared a trip from Barcelona
to Boston. Both were to give a lecture on chocolate at Harvard, as part of the Science & Cooking program directed by Ferran Adrià at the American university. During
the flight, Morató, a great admirer of Rovira, insisted once again on the need for the
sector to put all his vast knowledge in a book. Rovira, also once again, was elusive
and counter-attacked: ‘Don’t bother me! The one who has to make a book is you.
Besides, you already have it almost done. You just have to put it in order and give it
shape. Do as the musicians do – a compilation.’

This is how Files, a major work signed by Ramon Morató, with the creative design of
ZOO Studio, the spectacular photos by Ivan Raga and the edition of Books for Chefs
and so good.. magazine, began to take shape.

The new and long-awaited second book by Ramon Morató (the first is the
much-appreciated Chocolate, first published in 2007) compiles the best projects
developed by the Catalan chef in the last 6 years. As he himself states, ‘it is not a
monographic book but the sum of several different projects. It is classified in folders,
those work folders that I use every time I start a new project and that I close when I
finish it to continue dreaming and imagining the next one to come.’

In fact, the book, as if it were a folder itself, contains 15 very different projects, or
files, that address many of the different disciplines of today’s patisserie: Pure 5, or
the five fundamental flavors in bonbon format; Invasion of the plants, or the world
of vegetables in pastry; Trends, or how new social trends are expressed through
creative recipes; Chocolate x Wine, or the new mathematics of taste of sommelier
François Chartier applied to chocolate, 1+1=3; Haiti, or how to create a product line
around a new chocolate; Ganache, a science-based study of this iconic confection,
with vegan, one-shot, water-based, long-life versions, and the revolutionary praliné ganache; Nuts, or how to better integrate nuts into pastry; Find your Style, an
in-depth multidisciplinary study on the so-called healthy pastry; Pastry & Anthropology, or how the change in consumer habits and concepts such as ‘slow’, personalization or nutrition affect and will affect the work of the pastry chef; Cotton cake collection, or the definitive study on the peculiar Japanese cake; Whole Fruit, and so on up to the 15 projects mentioned above.
Morató relies on different collaborators to obtain the information and knowledge
necessary to complete his projects. These are professionals in science, nutrition,
anthropology, sommellerie or design, among others.

And regarding the compilation of themes, the author is clear, ‘I like to be honest and
I have to say that I have not wanted to make a rehash of recipes but I have made an
exhaustive review and update of all projects, and I have added new recipes, completely unpublished, the result of the work developed during the last months.’
In short, Files is much more than a common book, it is a masterful compendium of
various studies, developments of unique recipes, reflections on today and tomorrow, comparisons, interesting and innovative techniques and new applications. In
total almost a hundred creations among which the reader will find plated desserts,
bonbons, bars and tablets, macarons, cakes, cotton cheesecakes, choux, tarts, entremets, tartelettes, snacks, ice creams....

ISBN: 9788412131451

Publisher: Grupo Vilbo

Published: July 2021

Pages: 530