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Gelato By Yoo SiYeon
Gelato By Yoo SiYeon
Gelato By Yoo SiYeon
Gelato By Yoo SiYeon
Gelato By Yoo SiYeon
Gelato By Yoo SiYeon

Gelato By Yoo SiYeon

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This book is written in Korean and English and is aimed at professionals

Author - Yoo SiYeon 

This book explains all the processes of making gelato, sorbetto, granita, and cold desserts and includes all the theories and how to formulate recipes necessary for production. It presents a guide for making the unique texture of gelato and making a stable product, and how to create a recipe with detailed step-by-step examples based on this guide.
The author’s tried-and-true recipes accumulated for a long time from various experiences, such as professional consulting for gelato, manufacturing, sales, and domestic & foreign education, are unsparingly revealed. The savory pairing, vegan, and alcohol-themed menus that have been trending in all areas of dessert recently will help to develop your own unique menu for your shop. Also, popular flavor menus that many people find delicious will help establish themselves as steady-seller menus that are invariably loved over time. (We also included how to make gelato without a machine for home bakers interested in gelato.)
This recipe book will contribute to those who run gelato shops or prospective entrepreneurs to get ideas for more diverse flavors and pairings. Moreover, it will be a friendly guide to help those working in the food service industry or students studying related fields understand gelato and various cold desserts in depth and expand their scope.

For those who run a gelato shop or prospective founders, there is a recipe book for more colorful flavors and pairing ideas. For those in the restaurant industry or students studying related fields, a variety of cold dishes, including gelato. It will be a friendly guide that will help you understand desserts in depth and expand your horizons.

While attending middle and high school in Milan, she learned about Italians’ sensibility for gelato and Koreans’ sense of taste. She studied at gelato educational institutions representing each region from southern to northern Italy. She is working as an instructor at Calpigiani Gelato University, the largest and most famous gelato educational institution in the world, and provides gelato training and consulting. Also, she is a gelatiere who has established Gelato Korea Co., LTD., a HACCP-certified gelato manufacturing plant, and sells gelato B2B and B2C.

Contents - 

PART 1. Understanding Gelato
1. What is gelato?
2. Water, air, overrun
3. 10 steps to make gelato
* How to shape gelato in a showcase display
* How to put gelato in cones and cups

PART 2. Machines and tools for making gelato
1. Batch Freezer
2. Sterilizer
3. Showcase
4. Blast freezer
5. Small tools

PART 3. Ingredients used in gelato
1. Sugars
2. Dairy products
3. Stabilizers
4. Fruit
5. Chocolate
6. Infusion
7. Plant-based drinks
8. Pastes

PART 4. Theories for writing gelato recipes
1. Write and understand gelato recipes
2. White base
3. White base made with Base50 cream
4. White base made with stabilizer 
5. White base made with Fiord di Latte Gelato
6. Fjord di Gelato as a latte

3. Yellow Base
1. Yellow base made with base50 cream
2. Yellow base made with stabilizer 
3. Yellow base manufacturing
4. With a yellow base Making Crema Gelato

PART 5. Gelato Recipe
1. Omija & Yogurt Gelato (Basic)
2. Cremino Pistachio Gelato (Basic)
3. Mugwort & Cream Cheese Gelato (Basic)
4. 1101060 Gelato (Basic)
5. Sujeonggwa & Chocolate Gelato (Topping)
6. Pinoli & Risoch Gelato (Topping)
7. Zupa Inglese Gelato (Topping)
8. Tiramisu Gelato (Topping)
9. Panettone Gelato (Topping)
10. Apple Crumble Gelato (Topping)
11. Ricotta & Fig Gelato (Topping)
12. Hummingbird Gelato (Topping)
13. Almond & Mint Gelato (Hot Infusion)
14. Ispahan Gelato (Hot Infusion)
15. Sei Profumi Gelato (Hot Infusion)
16. White Coco Gelato (Hot Infusion)
17. Cafe Bianco Gelato (Cold Infusion)
18. Vegan Oat Chai Gelato (Vegan)
19. Vegan Giandula Gelato (Vegan)
20. Berry Wine Gelato (Alcohol)
21. Chestnut Marnièr Gelato (Alcohol)
22. Gorgonzola & Pistachio Gelato (Savory)
23. Potato & Bacon Gelato (Savory)
24. Camembert & Ssamjang Gelato (Savory)
* Homemade Gelato Recipe: Make Gelato at Home Without a Machine

PART 6. Theories for writing sorbetto recipes
1. Recipe writing and understanding sorbetto
2. Strawberry sorbetto made with base 50 fruit
3. Strawberry sorbetto made with compound stabilizer
4. Lemon sorbetto made with base50 fruit
5. Lemon sorbetto made as a compound stabilizer
6. Watermelon sorbetto made with base50 fruit
7. Watermelon sorbetto made with complex stabilizer
* Sorbetto POD (sweetness) & PAC (freezing point drop)

PART 7. Sorbetto Recipe
1. Phytochemical Sorbetto
2. Detox Sorbetto
3. Citrus Sinfonia Sorbetto
4. Tropical Sorbetto
5. Peach & Black Tea Sorbetto (Hot Infusion)
6. Shine Prosecco Sorbetto (Alcohol)
7. Strawberries & Mojito Sorbetto (Alcohol)
8. Green Tangerine & Makgeolli Sorbetto (Alcohol)

PART 8. Theories for writing a granita recipe
1. Writing and understanding the Granita recipe
2. Strawberry Granita

PART 9. Granita Recipe
1. Lemon Granita
2. Coffee Granita
3. Almond Granita

PART 10. Cold dessert recipe
1. Matcha Gelato & Red Bean Monaka
2. Bottle Gelato
3. Gelatini
4. Gelato Shake & Sorbetto Ade

INDEX. Making gelato Commercially available materials used


ISBN: 9791192855011

Publisher: The Table

Published: August 2023

Pages: 264