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Homebrewed Vinegar
Homebrewed Vinegar
Homebrewed Vinegar
Homebrewed Vinegar

Homebrewed Vinegar

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How to Ferment 60 Delicious Varieties

Author - Kirsten K. Shockey

Fermenting expert and best-selling author Kirsten K. Shockey presents a creative and comprehensive guide to making naturally fermented vinegars from a wide variety of ingredients.

Apple cider vinegar has a long history as a folk remedy for a variety of health conditions and, as a result, has achieved something akin to cult status among natural health enthusiasts. But many people don't realise that there is a whole world of options beyond store-bought ACV or distilled white vinegar. In fact, vinegar can be made from anything with fermentable sugar, whether leftover juicing pulp or brown bananas, wildflowers or beer. With her in-depth guide, Kirsten K. Shockey takes readers on a deep dive into the wide-ranging possibilities alive in this ancient condiment, health tonic, and global kitchen staple. In-depth coverage of the science of vinegar and the basics of equipment, brewing, bottling, and aging gives readers the foundational skills and knowledge for fermenting their own vinegar. Then the real journey begins, as the book delves into the many methods and ingredients for making vinegars, from apple cider to red wine to rice to aged balsamic. Along the way, Shockey shares insights into vinegar-making traditions around the world and her own recipes for making vinegar tonics, infused vinegars, and oxymels.

A homesteading staple for food preservation, vinegar is enjoying renewed popularity thanks to increased recognition of the health benefits of fermented foods, and because chefs are expanding their palette of ingredients to include a wider variety of sour and umami flavours. . Vinegar tonics (also known as "drinking vinegars") are the new kombucha. The growing number of vinegar tonics on the market have gotten the attention of the food world and have been the subject of features in major food publications including Bon Appetit. . Best-selling fermentation author and expert. Kirsten K. Shockey, coauthor of Fermented Vegetables; Fiery Ferments; Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments; and The Big Book of Cidermaking, has been dubbed "the Queen of Sour" in recognition of her expertise in all things fermented. Shockey brings her signature curiosity and humour to this exploration of the exciting realm of possibilities available with vinegar making.

Kirsten K. Shockey is the coauthor, with her husband, Christopher Shockey, of The Big Book of Cidermaking, Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments, Fiery Ferments, and the best-selling Fermented Vegetables. The Shockeys got their start in fermenting foods with their farmstead food company, where they created more than 40 varieties of cultured vegetables and krauts. Their current focus is on teaching the art of fermenting vegetables to others through classes and workshops at their farm. They live on a 40-acre hillside homestead in the Applegate Valley of southern Oregon.

ISBN: 9781635862812

Publisher: Storey Publishing

Published: June 2021

Pages: 176