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Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry
Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry
Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry
Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry

Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry

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Ideas and recipes between cuisine and pastry, Jose Romero (Trailer) from grupo vilbo on Vimeo.

Author - Jose Romero


This book is in Spanish and English

Only nonconformists seek new paths. It is not about questioning anything, but it is about adding, contributing and growing. The Pastry School of Barcelona has been, continues to be and will be that, a pastry school, and possibly one of the best internationally. But while being a school of pastry, for some years it has been more, much more. It is an education center open to any culinary manifestation. And a clear example of this spirit is the very author of this book, a cuisine chef and passionate for pastry, jams, bakery, viennoiserie...All these sweet and savory disciplines converge in Jose Romero. He assimilates what most interests him and he goes down a new path between cuisine and pastry. There are many names which we might call this segment of culinary creativity. They are tapas, snacks, savory pastry pieces, catering...  

Octopus, focaccia, egg and sardine; foie, pizza, risotto and watermelon; a mango mayonnaise, an onion brioche, bacon puff pastry and beet gazpacho; and some parmesan fritters; and fried plantain lollipops; and marinated tuna with...Simple and creative ideas and recipes that taste like Barcelona and the Mediterranean, and a bit like Mexico and Panama; proposals that depart from the conventional without losing it.

Contents include - Marinated tuna with mango mayonnaise, Focaccia, Sardines, Egg cream with truffle vinaigrette and ‘Pont Neuf’ batonnets, Tempo octopus, Potato cylinder with potato espuma and Himalayan black salt, Fried octopus with ‘red devil’ sauce, Pastina risotto with radicchio and Parmesan, Parmesan fritters, Pizzas and pizzette, Watermelon carpaccio with cheese snow, ‘Planted’ onion brioche, Onion soup, Tomato sticks, Foie croquettes, Purple tortilla, ‘molcajete’ sauce and crispy vegetables, Country-style potato chips and sticks, Bacon ‘carquinyolis’ with chocolate, Beet Gazpacho, Chilled melon and lime soup gazpacho, Chilled salmorejo soup, Cucumber and dill soup, Fried banana crisps, Bacon puff pastry, Cookie cup with pea cream and baby carrots.

ISBN: 9788493758462

Publisher: Grupo Vilbo

Published: 2015

Pages: 204