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Ingredients Cookbook


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What are the names of all those delicious apples that are often sold unlabeled at fruit and vegetable markets or that are piled up in all colors and shapes in the display cases at the entrance to the supermarket? They might be called Pink Lady, Empire or Firmgold – and you wonder which types originally gave rise to these hybrids. At any rate, it’s been a long time since they originated exclusively in one country. Trying to distinguish between the many varieties of bluemold cheese takes more time than the layperson’s patience will allow. Nevertheless, he would be happy to know wether or not a Blue Castello would be a tasty alternative to his favourite Danablu. And since Asian cooking styles have begun to enjoy enormous popularity, public interest in these exotic delicacies has increased immensely. 
However, the origins or uses of these ingredients in the kitchen are often still unknown. The well structured and highly informative reference book Ingredients provides help with all of these questions, identifies approximately 2000 ingredients by name an describes their composition and uses. This book will help cooks – and everyone who likes to eat – find their way through the world’s jungle of ingredients. 

• Herbs, spices, and seeds 
• Bread spreads, baking ingredients, and preserves 
• Oils, margarines, and fats 
• Eggs and dairy products 
• Fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms 
• Flour, grains, cereals, and pasta 
• Fish and seafood 
• Meat, poultry and game 
• Infusions 
• Foods of the world 
2000 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9783848000180

Publisher: Ullmann Editors

Published: August 2012

Pages: 384