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Mini by Xavi Donnay
Mini by Xavi Donnay
Mini by Xavi Donnay
Mini by Xavi Donnay
Mini by Xavi Donnay
Mini by Xavi Donnay
Mini by Xavi Donnay

Mini by Xavi Donnay

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This book is aimed at professional chefs and has text in Spanish and English

Author - Xavi Donnay

Mini is the first great book on contemporary pastry dedicated to the small format, a long-awaited book that finally serves one of the most important pastry families. What we once knew as petit fours, traditionally served at the end of a menu, are thoroughly reviewed by Xavi Donnay to give them a contemporary air and explore their full potential, not only in the context of a restaurant, but in any other type of reality -confectionery and pastry shops, sweet tables, afternoon tea, catering, sweet snacks, among others.

The person in charge of desserts at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona, winner of the Best Pastry Chef in the World award in 2020 (Best Chef Awards), displays a wide repertoire of signature creations spread over eight great families:

Sablés. The crunchy bases are the starting point of a series of bites that include a main element and an attractive decoration. In this family, a way of working is systematized that serves very well to develop trompe l'oeil, colorful and glazed products and proposals with fresh elements in sight.
Cakes and macarons. Classic products such as macarons are revisited by the author to come up with totally renewed presentations and with a special gastronomic sensitivity. Here we enjoy the mythical mimetic cherry that actually emulates the classic of the black forest.
Choux. One of the most traditional pastry families, which Xavi Donnay treats with respect and skill but also with the ability to achieve surprising finishes. Bonbons. Passionate about bonbon-making, in this section the book demonstrates the many possibilities of renewing formats and presentations.
Giandujas. A nut, a chocolate and a third flavor are usually the substrate with which the author deploys different creations, each more original, which sometimes surprises with the realism of its designs and convinces with the gourmand character of the chosen flavor combinations.
Free. The growing demand for products free of allergens and other ingredients is the subject of a chapter that uses both confectionery classics and innovative ingredients to offer interesting alternatives that in no way renounce the commitment to quality and full flavor.
Classics. Xavi Donnay's favorite universal cakes are adapted to the snack format with memorable results, whether we are talking about cannelés, xuixos, torrijas, or even millefeuille
Unclassifiable. As a small catchall, the author completes his mini tour with some chocolate, savory references or claiming ingredients such as maltodextrin, inulin, or even bicarbonate
He also dedicates his attention to the great pastry classics; Saint Honorés, xuixos, tiramisús, French toast, and montblancs are adapted to the size of a bite, concentrating all their charm in three centimeters in diameter. The playful character that has popularized the chef through many of his creations is reflected in the numerous mimesis that he is capable of designing in his mini assortments. Cherries, madeleines, avocados, and apricots take on an unusual realism while maintaining that jewel or treasure characteristic of that which is small. The ambition of the book is to carry out an exhaustive look at different preparation techniques, reclaim technological ingredients when they are useful to improve a recipe, diversify presentation resources, and transform finishing formats. It includes well-rounded concepts with which to surprise the client from the presentation to the tasting. It redefines traditional products such as choux, bonbons, or macarons, proving that there is still much to be invented. And on top of that, he worries about doing it by playing with a varied palette of flavors.

All in all, Xavi Donnay intends that the reader finds in the book a perfect ally to display an assortment of small-format pastry and to renew it as many times as needed, both in the type of format, as well as in the type of product and in the repertoire of flavors. To this end, the book not only distributes the recipes into eight families, but is also accompanied by indexes and tables that organize the content based on different criteria.

ISBN: 9788412571653

Publisher: Grupo Vilbo

Published: April 2023

Pages: 352