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Authors - David Chang & Peter Meehan 

Never before has there been a phenomenon like Momofuku.  From David Chang, currently the hottest chef in the culinary world, comes this his first book, written with New York Times food critic Peter Meehan, packed full of ingeniously creative recipes. Already a sensational world star, Chang produces a buzzing fusion of Korean/Asian and Western cuisine, creating a style of food which defies easy categorisation. That it is fantastic, there is no doubt, and that it is eminently cookable, there is also no doubt! In the words of Chang himself, it is Bad pseudo-fusion cuisine. The vibrant, urban feel of the book is teamed perfectly with clear and insightful writing that is both witty and accessible. Backed by undeniably informed technique and a clearly passionate advocation of cutting-edge fusion cooking, Chan's Momofuku is a stunning, no-holds barred, debut.

ISBN: 9781906650353

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: December 2010

Pages: 160