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Obsession by Oriol Balaguer
Obsession by Oriol Balaguer
Obsession by Oriol Balaguer
Obsession by Oriol Balaguer

Obsession by Oriol Balaguer

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Oriol Balaguer's OBsession from grupo vilbo on Vimeo.

Author - Oriol Balaguer


This book is in Spanish and English.                      

The type of obsession Oriol Balaguer suffers from is great, as it is projected in multiple manifestations. His is an obsession for quality, for a job well done, for perfection, for continuously learning and improving, for beauty, for harmony, balance, aesthetics and the presentation of his creations, for the packaging of all his collections...

Balaguer is not a specialist, unless someone can be so many things at once. He is definitely one of the best chocolatiers in the current scene, with bonbon collections and unique artistic work. His restaurant desserts marked an era, with such sublime pieces such as his ‘Eight Textures of Chocolate’, the best dessert in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2001. But if we talk about baked or fermented doughs, his butter croissant has been awarded as the best in Spain in 2014. Therefore, Balaguer does not stand out in any one particular facet; he stands out in almost all of them. And this is due to the cited ‘almost obsessive’ level of requirement he faces each recipe, each elaboration, each new creation and every project.

All the above is perfectly reflected in this universal pastry chef’s new book, published by Grupo Vilbo. A book in which Balaguer gathers his best cakes, desserts, petit fours, pastries and bakery, bonbons, artistic chocolate … In total more than 80 creations of incomparable beauty by the hand of one of the greatest creators in current sweet cuisine.

ISBN: 9788493758479

Publisher: Grupo Vilbo

Published: 2015

Pages: 306