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One Week with Yann
One week with Yann Duytsche
One week with Yann Duytsche
One week with Yann Duytsche

One week with Yann Duytsche

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One week with Yann Duytsche, new book from grupo vilbo on Vimeo.

Author - Yann Duytsche

This book is in Spanish and English.

The great french master Yann Duytsche invites you to spend a week at his workshop (Dolc – Barcelona – Spain) through his new book, published by Grupo Vilbo and so good..magazine. The book gathers the main creations that Duytsche makes every day in his shop, so they are more than tried and tested, true, real, not only because they work technically but because they have passed the most demanding of white glove tests: the customers.

But One Week with Yann is above all a way of entering the creative and commercial philosophy of this renowned chef, who identifies his activity with the operation of a restaurant more than with that of a classic pastry shop, “what we do here is to work what is sweet with a gastronomic sense … If the customer is going to eat the millefeuille at 3:00 p.m., I want it to be made at 1:00 p.m. at the earliest”, the chef comments.

Tea pastries, travel pastry, baked goods, cakes and mousses, ice creams, cups, bonbons, confectionery, snacks … are distributed throughout the book organized into chapters coinciding with the days of the week. It is not experimental pastry or prototypes. Yann Duytsche’s pastry is a fresh pastry, freshly made, intense flavors, gourmand, gastronomic, or as its author likes to say, “epicurean.”

ISBN: 9788494632341

Publisher: Grupo Vilbo

Published: 2017

Pages: 280