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Pasta: Fresh, Simple and Delicious

Pasta: Fresh, Simple and Delicious

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Author - Valery Drouet

In 'Pasta', hungry and impatient gourmets will find more than 50 delicious fresh or dry pasta dishes, all within the reach of the keen cook, many achievable in minutes. Pasta's huge variety of shapes, textures, colors, and flavours make it the ideal ingredient for starters, salads, main courses with meat, seafood, or vegetables - - and even desserts (ravioli filled with chocolate!). 
Gratins, ravioli, or spaghetti are part of our everyday life, and this cookbook will prove indispensable for all those who love unfussy yet utterly delicious food. Clear and detailed instructions are given for making your own fresh pasta, coloring it with beetroot juice or parsley, and adding some aromas like spices or herbs. Cooking tips make even beginners feel confident about their ability to try variations on old classics - - spaghetti carbonara with quail eggs, the true gratin of macaroni, or lasagna with parmesan - - or to explore truly unusual ideas, like green-tea flavored tagliatelle with scampi cooked in ginger.

ISBN: 9783848007585

Publisher: H.F. Ullman

Published: March 2016

Pages: 144