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Petits Fours by Stephane Glacier
Petits Fours by Stephane Glacier
Petits Fours by Stephane Glacier

Petits fours et mignardises, élégance, saveurs et tradition

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Author - Stephane Glacier

This book is dual language with text in both French & English

A pastry product par excellence, the Petits Four reveals itself in all its facets in this book. Recipes presented throughout the pages are divided by chapter for all occasions and times of the day.
Simple, easy to produce, classic or contemporary, they are adapted to the taste of the clientele.
Sweet, salty, hot, cold, dry, fluffy or fresh, there is something for everyone.

This book is a source of good ideas and allows you to diversify and quickly develop your offering, it brings together basic recipes and a new "tips and advice for sale" section. It's a great working tool to have in your laboratory!

The chapters include - Fresh & Sweet Petits Fours, Biscuits, Moist Petits Fours, Chocolate Treats, Warm & Savoury Petits Fours, Savoury Biscuits, Savoury Cocktail Petits Fours, Sales Tips & Basic Recipes. 

ISBN: 9782957009602

Publisher: Stephane Glacier

Published: Oct 2020

Pages: 264