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Plating Dessert
Plating Dessert
Plating Dessert
Plating Dessert
Plating Dessert

Plating Dessert

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Author - Eun-ji Lee 

This book is aimed at professional chefs and contains recipes that require a commercial kitchen.

On social media, we have captured all of Chef Lee Eun-ji's signature recipes, including "Baby Bananas," which is loved by people all over the world, "New York-Seoul," which reflects the identity of Korean French New Yorkers, and "Kiwa," which expresses Korean beauty.
From the colourful taste and texture you can feel in a single plate, to the matching between ingredients, to the warmth and coldness, to the plating techniques that express desserts. You can observe and feel the different components of a plated dessert both individually and on a single harmonious menu. Dozens of recipes in 10 plated desserts are available in the book, and experience the harmony in the colorfulness of these different components.
The book contains detailed recipes and photos of the friendly process, as well as the story of the menu's birth, the episodes tangled in the menu, the selection of ingredients and the meaning behind the plating design. You'll also see how chefs' ideas and philosophies are implemented as desserts and how they are served to guests.
Featuring Chef Lee Eun-ji's cherished record of taking a slightly different path toward her dreams in the short span of 16 years, from her eighteenth year of study in France to the opening of a private store in New York, this book will be an interesting book for aspiring pastry chef students, industry practitioners, and fans of Chef Lee Eun-ji alike.

Recipes included in this book - 

1. Omija: Yuja Salad, Lemon Basil Sorbet, Omija Juice, 

2. Modification and the Boat Tart Sujeonggwa-Pear Tart: Tart & Almond Cream, Honey Cream, Sugar-free Pear Compote, Western Ship & Korean Pear, Pear Sorbet, Sujeonggwa with Correction

3. Raspberry Vacherin, Lemon Creme Fraiche, Raspberry Raspberry, Sable Mix, Pepper Mousse Cake, Raspberry Sorbet, Raspberry Meringue, Raspberry Juice

4. Apple Tatin: Lapsang Souchong Caramel, Spicy Cream, Maple Feuilletage, Caramel Apple Tatin, Coconut Sorbet

5. Baby Banana: Chocolate Hazelnut Crumble, Coffee Ice Cream, Banana Mousse Cake

6. Lotus Flower: Sable Breton, Kalamansi Cream, Mandarin Compote, Segmented Fruits, Orange & Lemon & Kumquat Confit, Steeped Kumquat, Finger Lime, Blood Orange Sorbet, Lotus Flower Meringue

7. New York-Seoul: Pate a Choux with Brown Crumble, Pecan Chung and Candied Pecans, Roasted Brown Rice Vanilla Cream, Pecan Praline, Corn Crumble, Roasted Brown Rice Caramel, Pecan Tuiles, Vanilla Ice Cream

8. Tiling and Giwa: Brownie Brownie, Buckwheat Chocolate Crunch, Giwa Chocolate, Buckwheat Chocolate Cremeux, Pepper Caramel, Smoked Vanilla Ice Cream, Buckwheat Tuile, Buckwheat Soy Milk Sauce

9. Yuzu Medicine and Yuja Yakgwa: Yuja Sable, Yuja Garnish

10. Spring, Bloom: Cherry Marshmallow

ISBN: 9791164262182

Publisher: The Table

Published: August 2022

Pages: 192