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Preserves & Pickles

Preserves & Pickles

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100 traditional and creative recipe for jams, jellies, pickles and preserves

Author - Gloria Nicol

Delicious and original recipes for 100 different pickles and preserves, from fruit-filled jams, jellies and marmalades, to tasty curds, cordials and chutneys.

There's something about homemade produce that always tastes so much superior than anything store bought. Making jams, jellies, preserves and pickles at home has never been so popular, and is the perfect way to use up surplus seasonal fruits or vegetables; by turning them into something tasty and longer-lasting. Flavours and combinations are vast and range from the traditional tried-and-tested recipes such as orange marmalade and redcurrant jelly, to the more adventurous and exotic like the butternut and ginger curd or the pear and chocolate jam. Full of lip-smacking recipes, including ways to create sippable cordials, pickle vegetables, store fruit in syrup, the secrets to great flavours, simply made, are unlocked in this delightful book.

Gloria Nicol made her career as an excellent photographer, writer, crafter and maker. She wrote her own blog ( and she loved to sew, bake and grow her own vegetables. Gloria is also the author to A Beginner’s Guide to Home Sewing and co-authored Pebble Mosaics.

ISBN: 9781800650305

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing

Published: August 2021

Pages: 144