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Scandinavian from Scratch

Scandinavian from Scratch

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A Love Letter to the Baking of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

Author - Nichole Accettola

Transport the taste of Scandinavia to your home kitchen with the delightful sweet and savory bites compiled in this delightful baking book.

From chef Nichole Accettola, Scandinavian from Scratch brings to the page an assortment of baked goods and simple morning and midday meals rooted in Scandinavian cuisine. After moving back to the United States following more than a decade abroad, Accettola found herself longing for the wholesome breads, buttery pastries, decadent cakes, and cookies that she enjoyed on a daily basis while living in Copenhagen. She set out on a mission to bring the tastes and treats of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to San Francisco and opened her now beloved bakery cafe, Kantine.

In Scandinavian from Scratch, Accettola has curated 75 delicious bakes, organized by occasion and arranged from simplest to most complex, drawing from her collection of each Scandinavian country's baking traditions. Fill your home kitchen with the enticing aromas of Coconut Dream Cake, Black Currant Caves, Cardamom Morning Buns, Saffron Rusks, Gravlax and Chive Potato Salad Sm rrebr d, and so much more. The easy-to-follow recipes will expand your baking horizons and bring something special to the table, from breakfast and brunch to afternoon tea to holiday celebrations.

Nichole Accettola is a CIA-trained chef and the owner of Kantine, a Scandinavia-inspired restaurant located in San Francisco serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks with a gorgeous menu of pastries, porridge and jewel-like sm rrebr d sandwiches. Her cafe has garnered glowing reviews from media such as San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out, and Eater.

ISBN: 9781984861948

Publisher: Random House

Published: October 2023

Pages: 256