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So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25
So Good Magazine 25

So Good... Pastry Magazine #25

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So Good.. is the magazine of Haute Pâtissere, a pastry magazine published biannually in English. It is aimed at professionals of sweet and savory pastry, the chocolate and ice cream industry, as well as the world of dessert in general. These magazines are published by Grupo Vilbo publishers in Spain. 

They feature articles, photos and recipes from the worlds leading chefs pastry chefs at the cutting edge of their profession - often these magazines contain as many recipes as a normal cookbook and so are a valuable resource for pastry professionals. 

Edition #25 contains the following - 

The commitment to innovation, with seeking one's own personal path is the common thread between Jose Andrés's (Charisse Dickens) Think Food Group, Curtis Duffy's new Ever, or Ángel León's seafood restaurant in Spain. The spirit of fusion of formats shines in the proposals of Antonio Bachour, Attila Meinhart, and Eric Ortuño. The in-depth technique is the pretext for Josep Maria Ribé’s and Michel Eickerman’s articles. Four great chefs pay tribute to a classic, the Michel Bras coulant. Patryk Szczepanski’s inclusive patisserie, nature embodied in a cake by Lior Shtaygman, the evolved Indian tradition of Vinesh Johny, the second fermented chocolates of Ivan Pascual, the unique and pedagogical style of Eunyoung Yun… and so on up to 24 different stories to enjoy a complete panorama of the best modern pastry today.


40 years of the most magical dessert

Michel Bras From simplicity to genius
Cédric Grolet A melting heartbeat
Oriol Balaguer A balancing act
Emmanuel Ryon Two textures in one
Albert Adrià From cake to dessert
Lior Shtaygman Living nature
Charisse Dickens Diligence, discipline and perseverance
Attila Meinhart Reinventing naturalness
Patrik Szczepański The green sugar

25th ANNIVERSARY. Chocolate Academy BCN

Enric Monzonis Round cakes
Albert Daví Travel pastry
Josep Maria Ribé Spreads for a new gastronomy
Julien Dugourd Exclusivity with sea views
Raphaël Giot A pleasure which raises hopes
Vinesh Johny India inspiration
Masahiko Ozumi Exploring ultimate uniqueness
Curtis Duffy Breaking boundaries
Eric Ortuño Constant renovation
Hiroyuki Emori The sky is the limit to the variation of Tigre
Michel Eyckerman Artisan emblems
Tidbits -
Ángel León & David Chamorro The sweet that came from the sea
Ivan Pascual The chocolate of two fermentations
Eunyoung Yun From Garuharu to the world
Antonio Bachour Bachour in a couple of bites

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ISSN: ISSN 2013-2034

Pages: 304

Year: 2021