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Sushi Master

Sushi Master

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An expert guide to sourcing, making, and enjoying sushi at home

Author - Nick Sakagami

Your definitive guide to mastering the art of sushi.

Sushi Master is a comprehensive guide to making sushi at home with tips and tricks from world-renowned sushi masters. In addition to essential sushi recipes and techniques, readers will find:
An overview of fish markets and farms like Tsukiji Market and Hamachi Farms with lots of pictures of different kinds of fish and people in action
Recipes from internationally recognized sushi masters, including profiles of how they pick good fish and which are their favorites
Sushi bar etiquette
Best knives and supplies

Nick Sakagami was born in Tokyo and owns his own seafood importing and consulting businesses. A longtime resident of Los Angeles, he is the only person outside of Japan to be certified as an osakana meister, or fish master. He can identify every fish species and hundreds of subspecies by taste, feel, sight and smell. And he has an expertise in tuna. Sakagami believes he has a responsibility to share what he knows with consumers of seafood and the seafood industry. He got his start working part time for a seafood wholesaler in Japan. His entire body would smell like fish. But that excited him and so he decided to explore that feeling around the world. He talks to wholesalers about sustainable fishing and good import practices and is influential with high end restaurants on their buying practices.

ISBN: 9780785843092

Publisher: Quarto US

Published: October 2023

Pages: 168