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Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts
Sweet Concepts

Sweet Concepts

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Author - Gregory Doyen

Sweet Concepts is composed of 4 chapters with 45 cake recipes and over 220 sub-recipes with beautiful photos, illustrations and personal tips from Pastry Chef Gregory Doyen. These are his stories of inspiration and creation of his signature cakes, mini sweets, modern entremets and pastries.

The smell of fresh baked apple pie crafted by my mother on Sunday mornings was where my passion for pastry creation began.
Today, I have decided to reveal all of my pastry secrets to you.
I received my education at leading pastry arts schools in France and over ten years of international experience at several prestigious establishments around the world. These include Le Grand Vefour, Potel et Chabot, Hediard and Mandarin Oriental that gave me the unique opportunity to improve my skills.
Unexpected and sometimes surprising challenges pushed me to innovate and create new techniques. This is how I designed most of my signature cakes and found my signature pastry style. Through the creation of Sweet Concepts, my first pastry book, I wanted to share all of my experiences and offer you the chance to innovate and challenge yourself with new pastries.

Throughout this book, I invite you to enter the world of pastry creation that revolve around three concepts very important to me:

Simplicity and easily understood
Quality and organic ingredients
Design and modern approach
With a simple but effective and modern approach, I believe anyone can master the art of pastry creation.

Foreword by internationally renowned chefs: World Pastry champions, Meilleur Ouvriers de France and other artists.

I recommend this book to any pastry lover, beginners and experts alike.

Embrace the challenges offered in Sweet Concepts and the art of pastry creation will no longer be a secret to you. Enjoy!

– Gregory Doyen, Chef Pâtissier

Gregory Doyen was born July 1984 into an artistic family in the French countryside of Brionnais Burgundy and experienced the magic of pastry early in his childhood when the family kitchen became his favorite place.

He has worked for some of the best establishments around the world in Paris, Moscow and Taiwan. He teaches extensively in Asia, Europe and North America.

Some of his clients include: Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Hermes, Christian Dior, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Jaeger- Le coultre, and many other world famous brands.

This is his first book.

ISBN: 9780933477773

Publisher: The Chefs Connection

Published: 2020

Pages: 335