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The Art of Lamination II
The Art of Lamination II
The Art of Lamination II
The Art of Lamination II

The Art of Lamination II

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This book is aimed at professional bakers and chefs

Mastering the Art and Craft of Laminated Pastry

Author - Jimmy Griffin

This is the second book in the Art of Lamination series

The Art of Lamination II has it all, by far the most comprehensive book ever written on laminated pastry.
It will become "The Lamination Bible" and a reference book of modern times for all pastry chefs, bakers, students and teachers.
This book is packed with 90 recipes and over 300 pages of knowledge with many new products and eight detailed lessons, including a new Gluten-Free section.

Included are process and procedures for all popular techniques: Pain Suisse, Cross lamination, 4-colour Cross lamination, Galette des Rois, Bicolor techniques, twin lamination techniques, Croissant Cubes, Supreme style pastries, delicious filling recipes, and so much more.

James, or Jimmy Griffin as he is more popularly known, is a sixth-generation master baker from Galway Ireland. He has forty years' experience in the bakery industry, growing up in the family business. He is a specialist in viennoiserie, sourdough, bread and cake production. He holds a Master's degree in Food Product Development and Culinary Innovation and lectures to honours degree bakery students at the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, Technological University, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin. He also works as an advisor and consultant to industry. Jimmy grew up being competitive and as an apprentice, won many national bakery competitions. Later in his career, he represented Ireland and competed in the European Championships as the viennoiserie candidate three times; winning bronze at the Coupe D' Europe de la Boulangerie 1997. He went on to coach the very successful Irish bakery team from 2002 until 2005. Jimmy has also been an international bakery jury member since 2001 for most of the world championships and world master's competitions, the bakery Olympics of the industry. In 2016, Jimmy was appointed as president of the Jury at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris. He regularly lectures and teaches overseas and has been involved with baking and competitions in most continents of the world. In 2015, he was also honoured by his Russian colleagues and awarded an Honorary Professorship of Stavropol University in Russia. In May 2019, he came out of competitive retirement to compete in the Coupe du Monde Chocolatine in Toulouse, France, taking the silver medal for his creations in hand-laminated pastry at the event. He is very active on social media platforms, and regularly updates his pages with exciting recipes, procedures, and products. Married to his wife Bogna, Jimmy has three children, Dillon (23), Janice (22) and Sophie (14) (2020). In addition to his test baking passion, Jimmy is a licenced fixed-wing pilot; an aerobatic pilot; seaplane pilot, judo blackbelt instructor, divemaster and a former marathon runner. He enjoys writing and his honours degree dissertation titled An investigative study into the beneficial use of seaweed in bread and the broader food industry has been viewed and downloaded over 6000 times. 

ISBN: 9781919639543

Publisher: Barnacaf Enterprises Ltd

Published: April 2023

Pages: 316