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The Croatian Way Of Life

The Croatian Way of Life: The Best Recipes from a Southern Europe Country

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Author - Angel Burns

Croatia is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, and more specifically, in Southern Europe. It is a beautiful country with a great culture; it also considered to be a very safe and peaceful place. Croatia is home to diverse people; there are Croatians, Serbs, Hungarians, and Gypsies all peacefully cohabiting in the same space. The Croats are proud of their heritage and culture, and they flaunt it. They also make sure that culture is passed on from generation to generation by informing their young and educating them about their past.
Just the same way their culture is important to them so is their food. Croatians take great pride in their cuisine. Their cuisine is a testament to their diverse culture, rather than scorn the influence of other nations bordering them, Croats embrace that influence and make it their own. As a result of this, you feel the taste of central Europe in almost every meal you eat. If you also want to have a taste of the amazing Croatian cuisine, look no further. We have compiled the recipes for some of the best Croatian meals for your eating pleasure.
All you have to do to enjoy these amazing recipes is to download this cookbook, read, and practice.

This is a small self published paperback book. It contains a small number of black and white photographs and a total of 30 recipes.

ISBN: 9781697512861

Publisher: Independently Published 

Published: Oct 2019

Pages: 96