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The Rye Baker 9780393245219

The Rye Baker: Classic Breads From Europe and America

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Author - Stanley Ginsberg

Exploring rye’s history, unique chemistry and centuries-old baking methods, The Rye Baker is the definitive resource for professional and home bakers alike.

True rye bread—the kind that stands at the centre of northern and eastern European food culture—is much more than a shop-bought, bland loaf. In The Rye Baker, Stanley Ginsberg brings this overlooked grain into the culinary limelight, introducing readers to the rich and diverse world of rye bread. Readers will find more than 70 classic recipes that span rye’s regions and terroir, from dark, intense Russian Borodinsky and orange-infused Swedish Gotland Rye to near-black Westphalian Pumpernickel (which gets its musky sweetness from baking for twenty-four hours), Spiced Honey Rye from France’s Auvergne, and the rye breads of America’s melting-pot such as Boston Brown Bread and Old Milwaukee Rye.
ISBN: 9780393245219
Publisher: W.W. Norton
Published: Sept 2016
Pages: 416