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Under Coconut Skies

Under Coconut Skies

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Feasts & Stories from the Philippines

Author - Yasmin Newman

An archipelago of incredible breadth, the Philippines boasts 7,107 islands, separated and yet bound together by water. The true count is said poetically to change with the tide, when islets disappear before re-emerging. These many shores contain different stories, but wherever you go in the Philippines, the flavors reflect the tropical landscape: sweet young coconuts and green papaya, vegetables from the neighbour’s farm and freshly caught seafood.

A cuisine that is characterized by a set of techniques, not dishes, Filipino food is designed for adaptability. This book follows in those footsteps, sharing a collection of dishes and stories inspired by Yasmin’s time spent on Siargao and her travels to other distant regions, where bright, bold flavours are sourced from the blue, yellow, and green of the thousand islands – the sea, the sand and the trees of the Philippines.

Under Coconut Skies is an invitation to Yasmin’s kitchen – a mix of old and new recipes, to be shared at one big table, imbued with community, family, myths and meaning: a celebration of how Filipinos love to eat and their long history.

Yasmin Newman is a food a food and travel writer, photographer and presenter, based in Australia. She works with SBS Food and Australian Traveller and has previously published two critically acclaimed books.

ISBN: 9781925811681

Publisher: Smith Street Books

Published: Oct 2021

Pages: 272